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2021 Trade Deadline Thread

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1 minute ago, Soul Bro said:

Have mixed feelings but grateful for a clear path forward. I’m really excited about our 2021 draft and seeing fresh faces and opportunities in Orlando. Give me Cunningham and Kisper, and we’ll be on our way!

Cade and Moody is my dream. 

If we don't win the lottery then I'd go Green and Wagner.

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Okay, so seeing EF and AG traded wasn't really shocking since rumors around them strong in the last few weeks.

I was surprised by Vuc and equally surprised that we didn't pull a trigger on Ross or Birch. 

The talent we got back is obviously not equal to the talent that left, but the priority seemed to be rewarding our vets to compete on playoff teams (yes, I think Chicago makes the playoffs) and clearing cap space/acquiring picks. I agree that Fultz/Isaac are the future of this team...IF (massive if) they can stay healthy. That is concerning. 

However, Hampton/Anthony/Fultz could be an exciting trio of guards to watch develop over the years. We definitely got a lot younger and more athletic with these moves. I'm hopeful...but also the eternal optimist. 

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Just now, The Neighborhood Bully said:

looks like we're getting Jeff Teague in the Fournier deal

Nar he is waived

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Just to summarize:

Leaving Orlando:

  1. Aaron Gordon
  2. Gary Clark
  3. Evan Fournier
  4. Nikola Vucevic
  5. Al Farouq-Aminu

Joining Orlando:

  1. Otto Porter Jr. 
  2. Wendell Carter Jr. 
  3. Gary Harris
  4. R.J. Hampton
  5. Three 1st Round Picks
  6. Two 2nd Round Picks

Ultimately, that isn't an awful haul. Does it include players that will ultimately transform our franchise in 2 years? Probably not. But in 3-5 years when some of these guys have matured a bit in their games, I think they could be valuable pieces. 

Otto Porter is enjoying the final year of his massive contract. He will probably be gone after this year but if he resigns, then he will take significantly less than he currently makes. Gary Harris is under contract through next season, so we could potentially see what a lineup with Fultz, Harris, Okeke, Isaac, and Birch/Bamba/Carter (whoever we decide is our center) could look like. WCJ is also under contract till 2022 and since it is a rookie deal, he has to prove his worth to earn his next contract. I'm hoping a new time sets a fire under him to be the player people think he could be. I'll be interested to see what the Magic do with Anthony, Hampton, and Fultz. Is that our guard core moving forward? Or does one of them fall out of rotation and eventually get moved? Hard to imagine since Anthony and Hampton are so green and Fultz seems to be revitalized in Orlando. 

However, time to accept the rebuild now that we are officially out of the Henny years. We can see if our front office can turn us into the Bucks or Raptors. 

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