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2020 Official Off-Season Thread

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3 hours ago, hootie249 said:

Same old team. Really the only reason to watch is to see if Fultz makes the jump. That's it, the only draw. Some of you might say Bamba or Cole. I do not expect either to play much the first 2 months, and i doubt they look good. I mean i want them too but if they do it'll be in the second half. Maybe they finally get off to a quick start, if not i'm getting a Tampa Bay Raptors Jersey.


Below is a little joke song i made up about Dwight. It's mine, i didn't copy it from redditt.

Even with DJ's mins, I think cole will have an impact. He fit a playmaker and scoring need. He has been groomed for the league and loves the game. 

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If we're being honest. As currently constructed this is a worse team than last season's just by virtue of swapping a 32 year old solid vet for a rookie at PG, having another rookie in the rotation and not having Isaac for any games. It'll be interesting to see whether we lean into a youth movement by trading any of the vets for future assets either now or at the deadline. 

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8 minutes ago, CTMagicUK said:

It's an Exhibit 10 deal. He'll come to camp, get waived and then join the Lakeland Magic. 


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