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  1. I’m sure like many others Cole is now my favourite Magic player. He’s a menace out there. I think I can decipher him yelling “I don’t care about no f in tanking” and “this is my f in city!” We have been crying out for a player like him
  2. I’d argue we have the three worst NBA players in the league. 1.MCW 2. Bacon 3. Ennis
  3. I have never been able to stomach T Ross and his game. Some people lose their mind when he gets hot 1 out of 15 games. We can’t have him while we rebuild this roster. He is the epitome of a team killer. Don’t get me started with Bacon and MCW they should of been waived weeks ago.
  4. This rebuild/retool is going to be fun. Keep feeding Mo all the minutes he can handle! He has great chemistry with Cole out there.
  5. Maybe we got our star? Chuma looks so bloody good and it makes me so happy. If he breaks out I definitely don’t mind chalking some wins. Bamba showed again tonight his highs are higher than most and vice versa with his lows but by Jesus just give him all the minutes he can handle cos if he tidy’s up a few areas and learns from his mistakes he is a genuine cheat code.
  6. Just give me all the minutes Mo, RJ and WCJ can handle. Less Bacon, Ross, Birch and Randle please.
  7. harley

    2021 NBA Draft Thread

    Ok sweet. Thought it was unprotected. ***** I’m nervous already and we still got 3 months to go lol
  8. harley

    Is it time for Penny

    Get two top ten picks and hire Penny as coach then the roof of this city would be blown off! Do it Weltham
  9. harley

    2021 NBA Draft Thread

    It’s 2022 unprotected. So we’re gonna get a good pick regardless. I dont rate the Bulls and Vooch ain’t raising their ceiling.
  10. harley

    2020-2021 Official Magic Season Thread

    I can understand this but Bacon, Randle and Birch aren’t vets to learn off, and they are almost assuredly not going to be here next year onwards so this in conjunction with being in a prime position to get a top5 draft pick, I see absolutely no point in giving these guys minutes for rest of season. We have Ross, Otto and Harris who can be both on and off about veterans we need.
  11. Weltham never mentioned in his presser that this rebuild would mean we would have watch D Bacon have 19fga. ITS *****IN DWAYNE BACON TIME
  12. Cliff needs to be replaced. mCW and Bacon don’t play like this unless they’re under direction from coach right? I didn’t tune in to watch this crap. Sit Birch FFS
  13. harley

    2020-2021 Official Magic Season Thread

    I love Birch and MCW and they may have a spot going forward BUT I do not want to see them for the rest of the year. Ennis, Bacon and Randle I don’t wanna see ever again. We all know what’s gonna happen but. Just wish we could of sacked cliff yesterday.
  14. harley

    2021 NBA Draft Thread

    With no AG, Barnes would now be a perfect fit with our second 1st rounder. He would be a piece for the rebuild.
  15. harley

    2021 Trade Deadline Thread

    bang on mate. Im so excited for whats next, looking forward to the draft and the youngsters develop. If we kept that status quo then that would of just about seen me out. I have hated the last few years to be honest. Full of hope and optimism going foward.