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2023 NBA Free Agency Thread

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25 minutes ago, harryfromphilly said:

Hi TMF  welcome     was wondering where you were    didn't think you would miss this  lol

Hi, harryfromphilly. Although I'm a true blue, die-hard Orlando Magic Fan, I was taking a break after watching and pulling hard for the Denver Nuggets to beat Miami in the NBA finals.

I watched the drafts on TV to see who the Magic was picking, but other than that, I have not been into the Magic board discussions about the draft and free agency because those discussions have been above/over my head. Especially conversations about what players should or should not be paid and cap space.

For me--being a 'gurl'-- a lot of the discussions have been too deep for me to follow.  :)

Can't wait to see the product the Magic puts on the floor for the 2023-2024 season.


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Seeing some negativity about the money online but the difference between like 7m and 11m is negligible for us, it'll have no baring on our long term flexibility at all. 

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3 minutes ago, CTMagicUK said:

I love this deal. If the second year is non guaranteed or a team option that'd be icing on the cake.

Second year team option! Yea!

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