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Magic vs Jazz - Thurs., Mar. 9th @ 7 pm

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3 minutes ago, TrueMagicFan07 said:

I'm starting to believe that Paolo can only make baskets as close as 6 ft. or less from the goal.

Yeah was gonna say watching this game they are not even guarding him at the arc …and he’s basically not even looking to shoot …same with Suggs at the arc and he has played well tonight …but the inability to shoot the 3 and the hesitancy hurts us offensively …it’s just a fact …teams sag their defense makes us easier to guard 

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2 minutes ago, TrueMagicFan07 said:

I see Paolo got benched again. He needs to get it together. 

Maybe if he actually kept up with his man on defense instead of watching the ball. Idk how many times he does this but dam it seems to be all the dam time. Geezus learn from your mistakes. Or are you happy to be Carmelo 2.0??

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Just now, All Eyes On Me said:

If we’re serious about this one, Markelle has to be back in after this timeout. Feels like it’s slipping away

No doubt. He is the ONLY point guard and the only one who is attacking the basket. Too bad mngt. didn’t give a dam about that all fu**ing season. 

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