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We can't keep waiting on guys to get healthy like this. We need players who can play NOW. Thank God this team isn't hurrying along and making mistakes because of it. But do I really gotta sit here and think "All I want for Christmas is JI and Fultz on the floor together" and laugh about how it probably won't happen by even Christmas? I seriously thought they were gonna turn it around but it's just more waiting on guys to get healthy.

This is a nightmare 

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42 minutes ago, Shine88 said:

This Mosley guy ain't it. I always felt we should have given Becky Hammon a shot. 

I like how much he's shortened the bench of late. Save for Bol I don't trust anyone else to spell the starters for a rest. Our problem is we're down 3 guys who could have started any given night this season AND Suggs


It's insane how frequently this team rolls out like 2/5 of a starting lineup due to injuries 


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