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Soul Bro

2022-2023 Season Thread

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On 1/24/2023 at 8:27 PM, TrueMagicFan07 said:



I'm Sorry for yelling!  I was just trying out Albert Lergier's way of getting our attention.

SUBJECT:  Early Game Thread Starter Posts - For the Next Three (3) Games this week

Seriously, as you all know, I am currently not at my primary home in Florida. I'm at my vacation home in Maryland. Tomorrow, I'm flying up to Rochester NY to visit with my sister-in-law. As I mentioned last year (January 2022) my brother passed away from Covid, and his wife is alone. So I try to visit her when I can.  



You will find the 3 pre-game thread starters on the main forum page underneath the pinned threads. They are posted in the order of the date the games will be played. I remember fellow forum member, JJZL, once mentioned the importance of having dedicated Game Threads. The game thread starters are there for the Wednesday January 25th game against the Pacers; the Friday January 27th game against the Heat; and the Saturday January 28th game against the Bulls---ONLY IF YOU ARE INTERESTED!

EDIT: I posted the 3 game starters early because I will be staying in a Hotel and will not have a computer to do the graphics which I like to do.



Wonderful, and thank you.  And very very sorry about your brother.  

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3. So, umm, what exactly is Jalen Suggs?

Suggs has played 72 games, so it's too soon to really worry. But even amid early-career hiccups, it's nice to watch a young player and think: I can see what this guy will be on a good team. That's hard to do with Suggs.

He's averaging six dimes per 36 minutes, but he's not quite a point guard. Suggs shares the floor with either Markelle Fultz or Cole Anthony, and those guys run the show (along with Franz Wagner and Paolo Banchero.) On a lot of possessions, Suggs is barely involved -- off to the side in a spot-up role. He's not well-suited for that role right now; Suggs is 68-of-291 career (23.4%) from deep. No one guards him out there.

That shaky jumper limits Suggs' viability as a point guard. Defenders duck screens against him, walling off the paint and allowing help defenders to stay home.

Lots of point guards -- including Fultz -- face the same strategy. Some beat it with sheer speed -- winning the race to the spot underneath the screen. But it's hard to do that every time. You need craft -- changes of pace, shoulder fakes, the ability to bob and weave behind successive screens. Fultz has that. Suggs doesn't -- yet.

He's a full-speed-ahead player. That works in transition, where his passing shines. In the half-court, he sometimes sprints ahead of teammates.

Orlando drafted Wagner three spots after Suggs, so there's a no-harm, no-foul element if Suggs ends up underperforming expectations. (The Magic surely notice Josh Giddey -- No. 6 -- thriving in Oklahoma City.) We're a long way from final judgment. Time will bring clarity.


ESPN Zach Lowe has been reading my posts lol lol …

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