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2022 NBA Playoffs!

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6 hours ago, CTMagicUK said:

Everyone worried about us picking Chet can stop there's no way I get 2 things right this close together lol

Great prediction! Very tight series for the first four games, and I legitimately asked which was the best team multiple times.

Mental fortitude and ball handling just destroyed the Celtics. They might be back. Still quite young 

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  Happy for Curry. I hate that he is so good that it made the whole league start chucking 3's. As someone pointed out he was +16 the other night while missing all his 3 point shots. He does so much more then just shoot. Guy is an all time talent! It's will power, it's between the ears. Tatum shot 45% from 3 in the finals but overall had a bad finals run. I wouldn't be surprised if turns out he was knicked up a bit. Guy was going to the basket with ease before this series. Good job by the Warriors defense,Wiggins,Poole,Dray and all the guys.

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