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Magic vs Bucks Official Game Thread - Thurs., Dec. 30 @ 7 PM

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2 hours ago, TrueMagicFanSince1987 said:

Yes I understand you can’t get past the fact we have a horrible record but you’re still failing to realize why we have said record. You also just focus on all the negative things instead of finding any positives in a lost season. What’s the point of being a fan if you’re just going to be negative all the time? Again we’ve been without our leading scorer Cole Anthony for a good amount of games, without arguably one of our best on ball defenders in Suggs, and without 2 of our starters in Fultz and JI. Those guys come back and our bench becomes a lot better because we usually start to lose the lead once our starters sit out and the current bench guys come in. Not to mention we are a very young team with players still trying to figure out their respective games and a new coach/system. Add in the recent games players have missed due to Covid and what were you expecting? I would say the few positives would be Gary Harris finally finding his game, Cole Anthony being a legitimate scorer, and more importantly Franz Wagner showing us how versatile he is and how good he will become in the future. I would love to win more games but that’s kind of impossible to do with the way this season has gone. Also Wagner can’t force guys to make shots when he passes it to them which is why he had such a low number of assists and the turnovers were a result of him being the only guy capable of creating his own shot. He was also getting fouled when he drove to the basket against one of the better defensive teams in the league and not getting any calls which is why he had 3 turnovers. If we are healthy next year we won’t have the worst record in the NBA simple as that. 

20 hours ago, JJZFL said:

We’ve been missing JI and Fultz.  Fultz has not shown greatness as a pro and now is coming back from a long absence and a serious injury.  JI has been injured more than he’s played and is on the verge of missing two full seasons.  I don’t think you can count on anything from either of them.  Anything you get will be a bonus.  Otherwise team has had players out but didn’t look much better when they were in.  

You can try to find silver linings in this cloud but I won't be convinced it means anything until this team starts winning, which it hasn't for 10 years.  We've been finding the same kind of silver linings every year we've been losing.  Being a fan doesn't mean blind loyalty; the fact that I've been posting here for the past 10 seasons when most sane people have stopped following the Magic is enough to qualify.  We weren't winning when Suggs and Anthony were playing.  We've only been without players due to Covid for 6-7 games, and we actually won 2 of them, better than we were doing with the group who were held out.  Yes you can find individual positives but whether it amounts to anything depends on future development and a bunch of things coming together and I will not assume that's going to happen.  So let's wait a year and see if your optimism is rewarded, or if what I consider my realism turns out to be correct.

In the meantime, lets lay off the personal insults such as "delusional".

And Happy New Year to all of us, BTW.  We may argue about the best approach but at heart we few remaining diehard Magic fans all want the Magic to be good again some day, hopefully sooner rather than later.

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