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Magic at Hawks - Official Game Thread - Wed., Dec. 22 @ 7:30 PM

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3 hours ago, TrueMagicFan07 said:

That's not what we are saying. At least I'm not saying we should run our offense through Lopez. And I don't think that's the intent of the coaching staff.

I think Lopez is playing the traditional role at the center position, unlike Vucevic or Dwight, playing inside-out or stretching the floor. Even Dwight doesn't play that style anymore. It's all about ball movement and not ball hogging.

In my opinion Lopez has done a decent to very good job at defending the paint and guarding bigger centers. Vucevic was not a good rebounder or defender. I remember posting that Vuc did not jump more than 2 ft. off the ground to grab a rebound. It wasn't until last season before he was traded that he actually started jumping higher to grab rebounds and he wasn't a hustler.

As TMF1987 said, "he (Lopez) plays team basketball, isn’t one dimensional on the offensive end, and actually hustles the whole time he’s on the floor it really affects the game in a positive way." I say, when have we seen Mo hustle?

The main thing that I like about Lopez is that he sees the floor and he hustles. Unlike Vuc, he does not play a two-man game and he doesn't hold the ball trying to find his own shot. I also think he has done a good job at rebounding, unlike Bamba. The main thing Mo is good at is blocking shots. He is slow and does not move his feet like Lopez does. Also, even though Lopez is not the scorer that Vucevic was/is, I like the way he posts up from time to time and scores with baby hook shots. I have never seen Bamba do that. His favorite shots are from the 3 pt. line and when he misses, he is not able to assist with rebounding the ball.

Again, I am not saying that Lopez should be the focal point of the team. I know the argument is that Lopez is near the end of his career and that we need to develop the young guys. So, how long do we have to wait for Bamba to show more progress?

I want to see the Magic win some games now, not 3 years from now. I'm actually enjoying watching the Magic play now because they are playing team basketball.

Agree with most of this post.  The Magic announcer, Turner, who I don’t like was advocating for the offense to run through Lopez.

Could not agree more about winning some games now.  

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