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2022 NBA Draft Thread

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4 hours ago, Soul Bro said:

A ghost from TBN’s past… Ball Junkie… just sent me this video on Sharpe. Again I don’t know anything about him but am excited about another option for the Magic.


Well Ball junkie was/is a Kentucky homer so I wouldn't go by anything he says when it comes to kentucky players but you already know that I guess lol.

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Sharpe looks impressive in the video,  how tall is he?  With some muscle put on, he could be something. I would take him over toothpick boy, u know, Chet. 

Those who would pick twiggy, how can you not see Porzingis, Isaac, or Bamba’s  history?  How many games have they missed?  We need dynamic players that can stay on the floor, period end of discussion. 

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