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2020 Official Off-Season Thread

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23 minutes ago, CTMagicUK said:

Any impactful move we make wasn't going to come in free agency and the moves we did make have no negative impact on us making an impactful move via trade now or at the deadline. 

How many times we have hoped that the next time is the right one, and then nothing happened?

No hating, I actually like all the small moves we've made, no meltdown for that, but aren't going to change the direction of this franchise. They've said that they like the team, and backed it up with their actions. Clearly they could still make trades now and at the deadline, but the time around the draft is always the one that gives you more possibilities.

In the last few weeks here in the forum we've made a lot of considerations about which teams has needs in the position of our players with trade value (nik, evan, aaron, etc) and the majority of those teams has find their solution in those few days (GS, NO, MIL, just to name a few) Option 1: FO really love all those guys and want to keep them unless a star is offered. Option 2: they're not generating all that interest around the league.

Both options are actually bad IMO, and the lack of moves just let us in the same stagnant situation year after year. We're really predictable right now.

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6 hours ago, jmmagicfan said:

Probably need to settle in then, cause my bet is that they now sign MCW to part of the MLE. My guess would be somewhere in the $4.5M - $5.5M range. By my calculations, with the qualifying offer to Clark, and the signings of Bacon and Ennis we are now at 14 players, and we have enough room under the luxury tax line to go up to about $7M for a veteran PG to backup Fultz and Anthony. We all know that MCW is a Clifford favorite, and I think the front office is pretty happy with him too. MCW is also a better fit next to either Fultz or Anthony than DJ, and allows you to shift Fournier/Ross to spending some time at SF.  Also, continuity seems pretty important to this front office, and they seem to be focused on changing out slowly over time, while remaining competitive for a playoff spot, instead of trying to integrate a large number of new players at once. Having said that, the majority of guys currently on the roster have actually been with the team less than three years. Fultz didn't really play until last year, Anthony is a rookie, Bacon is new, Okeke is a rookie, Aminu was a free agent signing last year, and both Ennis and Clark were in-season pickups. Throw in that Birch was an addition (FA) their first year, and Bamba/Isaac were their first round picks, and the majority of this team is now Hammond/Weltman guys. Also, Clifford has to figure out how to integrate two rookies, a new to the team player (Bacon), and a returning from injury guy (Aminu) that he hadn't really figured out how to use prior to his injury. Assuming they try to resign MCW, and not DJ, that really only leaves Fournier, Ross, Gordon, and Vucevic from the team they inherited; so they have turned over most of the roster in three years, while still managing to make the playoffs twice in that time.






Kasim Mane (2WP) is listed as a SG on the nba.com draft prospect listing, but the write-up talks about him as a strong secondary ball handler who led RSEQ (Canadian version of the NCAA Division 1?) in assists last year.

They've managed to resign guys to descending salary contracts, which is extremely rare in the NBA; kept us out of the luxury tax (albeit barely); while making incremental moves. Do I wish we were making big, splashy moves to immediately improve to a top-3 seed; of course I do. We also have to look at the facts; we are a small market team, without the championship history of a San Antonio, several of our best players have decided to leave us high and dry to go elsewhere (LA), and that our primary draws are family entertainments (theme parks), Florida weather, and no state income tax. Not necessarily the things that draw your average young man (21-27) to want to come here, so the task of getting top Free Agents to even consider us is not easy. The idea of making a big, splashy move is attractive, but what happens when that star we just traded for decides they don't want to be in Orlando any more? When Shaq left, we got nothing for him, when Dwight left we got fairly low-ball offers because everyone knew he was injured and might never be the same player again. We complain about the moves that let Tobias Harris and Victor Oladipo go elsewhere and become all-stars; but they came about because we were trying to make (medium to big) win-now moves.


I’ve been “settled in” with the Magic throughout the entirety of the franchise, it’s engrained in me and it’s not going to change (even though their association with Betsy DeVos and my Kindergarten teacher wife put in an uncomfortable wedge the last few years). I’m more than aware of all you said, it still makes it hard to watch what feels like every other team not be afraid to shake it up while we continue to run it back with the same, extremely flawed core. Like, our lack of shooting has become a league wide joke, shouldn’t we have tried to bring in some sort of proven jump shooter with the MLE. I know there’s some time left, but as we’ve both said, I fully expect our last spot to go to either MCW or DJ. 

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2 hours ago, CTMagicUK said:

I mean, Detroit not a great example for how making moves is a good thing. They've done some baffling **** so far this off-season. Let's wait and see how it shakes out but right now I don't think I'd trade our FO for theirs.

From what I understand we're still paying him it just doesn't count against the cap.

13. Clark is an RFA still unless I missed some news. Have we had a number on the Ennis deal?

Ahh yes. I fully expect him back, not sure he’ll even get an RFA offer, but it’s not official yet

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7 hours ago, TheNameIsOrlando said:

I don't hate the move. I hate how vanilla we are. This team as currently constructed is 8th-10th seed. If that's the case bring in some young guys that can be apart of the future. The results won't be much different.

With that said if we decide to trade Vuch or Founier to actually start looking at the future then I have no complaints. 

Don't worry they will both get injured 1 week before trade deadline. Just kidding, in all honesty this is the year Evan goes. It just won't be for much of anything.

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11 minutes ago, All Eyes On Me said:

Ahh yes. I fully expect him back, not sure he’ll even get an RFA offer, but it’s not official yet

I expect him back too but guys have had the qualifying offer rescinded in previous offseasons because there teams needed the space to make another move. If for example we had a free agent say he'd sign for us for $7m a year we'd have to rescind Clark's QO to make that happen.

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My whole thing about making a trade to get back more guys seems to be out the window now with Ennis coming back. 

With only 2 free roster spots and Clark as an RFA it seems like we'll probably just sign 15 guys and then if we do make a trade we'll have to either match the number of guys or waive guys before the season starts.

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Same old team. Really the only reason to watch is to see if Fultz makes the jump. That's it, the only draw. Some of you might say Bamba or Cole. I do not expect either to play much the first 2 months, and i doubt they look good. I mean i want them too but if they do it'll be in the second half. Maybe they finally get off to a quick start, if not i'm getting a Tampa Bay Raptors Jersey.


Below is a little joke song i made up about Dwight. It's mine, i didn't copy it from redditt.

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Now, this is a story all about how
My tweets got flipped-turned upside down
And I'd like to take a minute
And I'm not being silly
I'll tell you how I went to a team in south Philly

I learned Magic for eight years.
Traveled to La-La Land.
Learned a bit about Rockets.
But i didn't understand
Flew with Hawks and Hornets, filling up my pockets
Maxin' Relaxin, all was good
Till i met a wise Wizard in my neighborhood.

I begged and pleaded, i said let me be
He said you act like a child so listen to me!
Your reputation is bad, your skills just ok.
You better take the minimum and join Lebron in L.A.!

I whistled for a cab and when it came bye
The license plate said Shaq makes you cry
I told everyone who listened, that's not fair
Never mind, i need a ring, Yo home to Bel air

Well i got my ring! now don't be a hater
If you want to hear how, i'll smell you later
Loved being on top, i wanted to stay
Even made a tweet on deadline day.

I thought i was loved, i thought i was needed
But it was just a mistake, what i tweeted
They laughed at me, thought i was silly
So i packed up my bags and went to south Philly.

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2 hours ago, CTMagicUK said:

Got to say it's pretty funny seeing Magic fans melt down (not really on here) over giving James Ennis a 1 year deal... 

It's such an inconsequential move with no long term ramifications. 

And the same goes for Bacon. These are small rotation moves that only impact this year why are people stressing?



Exactly. I don’t get the freak out. 

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 I think about our team this way. We have 14 guys on the team currently 7 of them have been playing with us for less than a year. 

Fultz, Cole, Chuma, Ennis, Bacon, Aminu, Clark 

7 others have been here for awhile: Vuch, AG, Ross, Evan, Birch, Bamba, Issac. 

Of the 7 that have been here awhile, Bamba has been hurt the majority of the time, so we don’t really know what we have other than potential. And I believe we are all in agreement that Issac is a centerpiece and shouldn’t be moved. 

Therefore, all of the complaining about the roster being the same is really over 5 players. Vuch, Evan, AG, Ross and Birch.

Now thinking about this group, I don’t think you should get rid of Vuch, Ross or birch right now. Vuch has played at an allstar level recently and Ross is our best scoring threat off the bench and Birch is our security blanket for when Bamba gets hurt.

That leaves Evan and AG. I’m all for trading these guys and I think management is too  

I believe/hope management is actively looking for a trade and will continue until the trade deadline. From what we’ve heard management is going about this process  and has been in negotiations with other teams regarding these guys.  

So as hard as it is, relax and give it some time. A trade of AG and/or Evan is coming. 

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