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Magic Vs. Bulls - Monday, Dec. 23rd at 7:00 P.M.

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Just skimmed through the game. It looked to me like last year's offense with Vooch in the post either playing inside out or trying to score. The nice thing though is we have added Fultz to the mix and he is driving and dishing back out. He turned the ball over a bit, but Chicago has guys with quick hands and that's not something he can't clean up anyway. Overall, it was a nice game and it seems this is who we are. I liked Coach Cliffs closing rotations. He kept DJ and AG on the bench and brought in AG after he was nice and rested. Unless, someone really steps up and emerges or until we start playing better team basketball then we probably won't get anywhere if we make the playoffs. 

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12 hours ago, ML6 said:

Denzel Valentine is the worst player I’ve seen this year


Denzel Valentine is another former first-round pick seemingly on the outskirts of his team’s rotation, and he also happens to be playing pretty damn well this year. He missed the entire 2018-19 season due to injury but has returned a better player, ratcheting up both his usage rate (career-high 21.7 percent) and true shooting percentage (career-high 57.1) in a limited role off Chicago’s bench. Valentine’s progression as a shooter points the way toward an obvious role as a 3-and-sort-of-D guy, as he made 35.1 percent of his triples as a rookie, 38.6 percent as a sophomore, and is now at 41.3 percent in his fourth season. Valentine’s 26 years old so there may not be much more room left for him to develop; but everyone could always use more shooting, and the Chicago Bulls seem to have a plus shooter just sitting there behind Kris Dunn on their bench.


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Soul's Likes and Dislikes from Last Night

I liked the quick ball movement

I liked Vooch's offensive aggressiveness

I liked Isaac, Bamba and Gordon's defense

I liked Ross hitting 50 3s

I liked seeing Iwundu get PT to lock down Lavine

I disliked Fultz's carelessness with the ball

I disliked Gordon's 12 foot fading midrange jumpers

I disliked Bamba's inability to rebound

Go Magic!

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