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Magic @ Raptors - Saturday, April 13th at 5:00 P.M.

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8 hours ago, MagicOne said:

Do you think the Magic have the best chance to pull off a first round upset ?

I'd say we have a chance of pulling off a first round upset. We split the series with them in regular season. One of our wins they had Kawhi but no Lowry, and the other win Kawhi didn't play but Lowry did play. In the two defeats both all stars played for them, one game we played it close and lost 93-91, and the other we lost by a dozen points 121-109. So in a sense we don't have anything to fear. We are a young and improving team with no play off scars, whereas the Raptors do have some play off scars. They got swept by Washington; the year after they nearly lost to the Pacers in round one, and the Heat should have beat them; and three straight defeats to the Cavaliers, though it was always going to be tough to displace LeBron James. But they have their scars, whereas we come in young and fresh with a nothing to lose attitude. If we lose the series, fine, it's a learning curve. But if we win, well, that's great news!

So although I think we will probably lose the series something like 4-2, we could spring a surprise if our guys step up and take advantage of the Raptors mistakes. Obviously it is going to be a tough series, but the Raptors have never really dominated in the play offs to date, they have always left openings that their opponents have failed to take. If we can take them, we can win. 

2 minutes ago, Jay Magic said:

Game Day!! Let's go guys!!! The last time we was in the playoffs I had 1 son. Now I have 2 almost 7 years later. It's been a longtime coming for us to try to get back to the promised land in the NBA. 

I've been waiting for this for ages!!

Let's all keep positive and give as much great energy we can possibly give. We've got this!!! 

It's a great way to celebrate the 30th season of Orlando Magic basketball. Division champions and a play off appearance, which will hopefully be a play off run. As I'm the same age as the Magic, our last play off appearance came when I had finished my masters degree, so it's a long time and hopefully we aren't going to have to wait that long again!

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4 minutes ago, Jay Magic said:

Hopefully the trend continues..

That's a nice trend to have, not as good as the Miami Marlins winning the World Series in their two play off appearances to date, but it's still a good trend to have in that when we win the division we win a play off series. Let's hope that continues! 

6 minutes ago, Jay Magic said:

AG is gonna raise his game. I think we all will but AG has another gear we ain't seen I believe.

I'd love to see AG breakout in the play offs. It would be nice to see Ross and Vucevic do the same. Ok that would potentially increase their market value come free agency, but having watched this team grow over the past number of seasons, it would be nice to see the guys we have invested time and money in breakout in the play offs and get it done for our Magic.

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Unfortunately I'm DJing a wedding and I'm gonna miss the game. Anybody got a good link to watch a replay? I truly believe that we can win this series. We are gonna have to plan for TRoss to get doubled so hopefully either Fournier can get some minutes with him and keep the scoring going or a few bench guys really step up.

They are available on WatchESPN after they air. If you sign in with your internet service provider's account credentials (not all internet service providers are supported, but a lot are).

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12 minutes ago, Jay Magic said:


Oh my.... Wasn’t aware this even existed lol. Whoever thought about ever making this was hopefully out of the music industry right after this CD was made smh. Good find though haha. Cant wait for 5 pm to roll around  we can introduce the League to the New Magic Playoff Basketball and steal home court advantage in the process. O TOWN STAND UP AND CHEER FOR OUR BOYS... GOOOO MAGIC!!!

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