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Orlando Magic Toaster

Magic vs Pacers Thursday 31st Jan 7pm ET

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6 hours ago, magicblue said:

My six year old son got sick in his bed last week so I cleaned him up, got the sheets off his bed and in the wash, and moved him into my room...where he promptly threw up in my bed. Long night

Kudos to you as well. It’s tough when the little ones are sick.  

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Fournier was quite terrible in this game, and played the most minutes (36)

Ross was on fire, and played only 27.

I love Clifford mentality and toughness, but his ability to make choices out of the box, go with the hot hand, adapt to situations and being a little bit more modern is worrying.

I mean, we won but the choice was quite simple, Ross in, Fournier out. It's not punishment, just going with what is working, no reason to bench Isaac instead, he was playing great defense and a good game overall. I had the same kind of concern in a lot of close games recently.

That's not about Fournier, btw, even if he's having too much bad games this season. We have 6 players that usually can end the game, and we always go with the Vucevic-Fournier duo, forgetting everything that has worked during the game. You can do more defense/offense changes in the last few possessions with timeouts and stops. Sometimes you can bench Augustin and go with a no PG linuep. Or bench Vuc and going with Isaac and Gordon at C/PF (our personal Death Lineup, never used I think..)

Just a little fantasy, please.

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