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On 2/8/2019 at 11:28 AM, rekraprovert said:

All along, I've been of the belief that we should resign Ross if it's at all possible to get him on a decent contract. When you're building a team, you don't let guys like him go without at least trying to keep him. Now that we've kept him past the deadline, it seems to me that we feel pretty good about resigning him. He seems like a cultural and scheme fit with the direction we're going and it's always a good idea to have a couple vets like him and DJ.

Fultz/Ross/JI/AG/Bamba.....man the potential of that lineup has me really excited.

I think Ross, as great of a 6th man as he is, is deserving of being in the starting lineup along with Fultz when he comes along. Just a GREAT athlete and shooter who plays off ball well to Fultz's ball dominance. 

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My hope is that the FO has told Ross that they plan on moving Evan in the off-season and making him the starting SG. Hopefully with that assurance Ross would be keen to sign on with a team friendly deal.

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