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Bauncey Chillups

2019 NBA Draft Thread

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ESPN just posted this. In case you were wondering what our future drafts look like


  • ORL: 2019 first-round pick

  • ORL/CLE/HOU/POR: 2019 second-round pick (most favorable of ORL, CLE, HOU and POR to ORL)

  • BKN: 2019 second-round pick

  • WAS: 2019 second-round pick


  • ORL: 2020 first-round pick

  • OKC: 2020 first-round pick (protected Nos. 1-20 in 2020 and converts to second-round picks in 2022 and 2023 if not conveyed in 2020 year due to protections)

  • ORL: 2020 second-round pick

  • BKN/NYK: 2020 second-round pick (less favorable of BKN and NYK to ORL, more favorable to PHI)

Future Picks

  • ORL: 2021 first-round pick // ORL: 2021 second-round pick

  • ORL: 2022 first-round pick // ORL: 2022 second-round pick

  • ORL: 2023 first-round pick // ORL: 2023 second-round pick

  • ORL: 2024 first-round pick // ORL: 2024 second-round pick

  • ORL: 2025 first-round pick // ORL: 2025 second-round pick


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10 hours ago, Soul Bro said:

Culver sounds good

I was thinking the same thing the other day. I think Culver would be a really good fit on this team and seems to be the type of guy that the FO would want. I think the kid from Murray is going to get a lot of hype now cause of the dunk so it'll be interesting to see if he lives up to that hype. 


What does everyone think of RJ Barrett? Can he run point? I wouldn't mind putting him as our PG. We would probably have to make some type of trade to get into the top 3 though. 

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NBADraft.net has us taking Reddish @ 7 

Draftsite.com has us taking Morant @ 7

NBADraftroom.com has us taking Garland @ 9

Most of the sites I saw had us going between Morant/Garland/Langford

If I'm the Magic, I'm either hoping we get lucky (which we never do) or we try and trade up for Barrett @ 2. 

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