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2018 Official Offseason Thread

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2 hours ago, ?4thewin said:

What about burritos? Any good options there?

Best I can do is tacos. Pr’s taco palace in college park has the best steak tacos. 

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1 hour ago, Murphy13 said:

Do you put a stone on the grate or do you have a dedicated stone in your grill?

I have a special stone i put on top of the grill. 

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12 hours ago, HeHateMe said:

Wait, I thought Vuch was a total cancer to the team and had to be traded or his terrible attitude would wear off on Bamba? 

He hasn't been benched yet. 

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Orlando Magic Get: Kenneth Faried, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson

Brooklyn Nets Get: Nikola Vucevic

How many big men do the Orlando Magic need?

With Aaron Gordon and Jonathan Isaac lining up at power forward while Nikola Vucevic and Mohamed Bamba hold down center roles, this franchise is flush with frontcourt bodies, to the point that not everyone will get enough minutes or play in a manner that maximizes his abilities. And that's why this trade is necessary; it ships Vucevic to the Brooklyn Nets as a mentor to Jarrett Allen and gets back a smaller body. 

We're not talking about Kenneth Faried, who's only included for salary-matching purposes. We're instead referring to Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, whose 6'7" frame should be thrown out as either a small forward in traditional lineups or at a bigger slot when teams accept their small-ball inclinations. 

Just imagine the defensive potential. Seriously. Sit back and think about it. Allow your mind to wander, drifting over the tantalizing possibilities of Hollis-Jefferson and Isaac switching on everything against guards, wings and forwards while Bamba capably protects the hoop as a last line of defense. Porosity on the perimeter almost wouldn't matter. 

The Magic may be able to get a first-round pick for Vucevic's services, though it would be heavily protected. This is just even more appealing, considering Hollis-Jefferson's extension-eligible contract and immense upside while Orlando already has some key rookie-scale players on the books. 


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52 minutes ago, ?4thewin said:


I just don't like when he takes that exrra step backwards or sideways to create his shot. That will give the defense more chances to get to him. Not to mention that some refs will call that a travel. 

I like his jumpshot form. 

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