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2018 Official Offseason Thread

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Are we planning to give Mozgov any minutes or just sit him out til his contract runs out?

He averaged 11 mins per game in 31 games last season. Was he injured for the rest or DNPs?

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3 minutes ago, ?4thewin said:

This is amazing

I’m so on board with this front office. 

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Admittedly it's from before he actually got to the NBA but this excerpt from DraftExpress's scouting report is exactly the type of PG we need:



Grant's best attribute from an NBA standpoint clearly revolves around his playmaking ability. He is a decisive passer and an extremely unselfish player overall, making reads automatically and whipping the ball impressively all over the court. He has a tremendous natural feel for finding the open man regardless of where they are on the floor, being capable of making every pass in the book, be it high or low, and to cutters, rollers or shooters. Unlike many big guards, he's not a combo looking to make the transition to the point, he's already a tremendous distributor. - Source: http://www.draftexpress.com/profile/Jerian-Grant-18095/ ©DraftExpress


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