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Bucks @ Magic, Saturday February 10th @ 7:00 P.M.

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3 hours ago, Murphy13 said:

Speculation from opinion pieces on the internet means nothing, though you can imply whatever you want from that I suppose.  It's entirely possible the management felt pressure to make a move and the vocal part of the fanbase wanted Payton gone, then here we are.  Our management overplayed our hand in dealing with NYK, it sounds like we got shafted by PHX.  If Payton turns out good and we let him go for an inconsequential asset that'd be strike two on the current regime (Not picking up Mario first strike).  We are left hoping we can find and develop another point guard through the draft while another team gets one just for a second rounder that's already mostly developed.  Unbelievable how anemic our pg situation is from a franchise level.  

Third strike. The draft flattening out was a dope move. 

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5 hours ago, Murphy13 said:

I used the word I was looking for, as it was directed at someone using a conjugation of the word imply.  But thanks for the attempted grammar lesson, it’s really helpful.  If you think a second round pick has as much likelihood of turning out a player of Payton’s caliber then you have bigger issues at hand than your proficiency at the English language.

But you cannot imply from something. This is an understandable mistake, considering the context. ?4thewin was saying that writers were making implications. You flipped it around to discuss the speculation based on those writers. Where you went wrong is that you did not flip from implication to inference. As ?4thewin read opinion pieces on the internet, he was making inferences based on the writers' implications. Let me be clear. To imply is to suggest, while to infer is to deduce, if you will. Think of implication as a QB and inference as a Receiver. You can infer from something, or you can imply something; just as a receiver can receive a ball from a quarterback, but if a quarterback were to receive the ball he would be a receiver. See, you inferred from what I said that I thought a second-round pick would be as good as Payton. That's not what I was implying. I was implying that Payton is not worth keeping around for what we'd have to pay him, but a second-round pick more likely would be. I'm speaking of value for payment, not simply basketball acumen. Of course Payton is better than your average second-round pick. But, considering we have DJ Augustine, Elfrid Payton is probably not worth keeping around for even the qualifying offer we'd have to give him (which, again, someone else would outbid, anyway). So getting a second round pick is good, because the alternative was either overpaying Payton or losing him for nothing.


For the record: I didn't mean to be rude with the "grammar lesson." I genuinely was trying to be helpful, as the the nuance between implication and inference is not something someone who isn't a writer (like me) or an English professor would always know. If you were the type of person to consistently misuse words, I would have ignored it, since I gathered from the context what you were trying to say. But since you generally seem to care about clarity in your posts, I thought you might want to know that you were using a word wrong. I sincerely apologize if it seemed I was trying to speak down to you. Grammar is just something I happen to know a lot about, because I have to be conscious of it all the time.

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