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2018 NBA Draft Thread

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Magicfan1987    76
26 minutes ago, Soul Bro said:

Is Ibaka fair?

his footspeed and first jump are INFERIOR but he's 2 inches taller has better defensive instincts at his age and could play center full time. he also has a jump start on his 3 point shot than Ibaka at the same age. he's probably a mixture of Ibaka and jermaine oneal, that's why some think he's a top 3 prospect

his ability to read what the offense will do is elite as is his reaction time to it

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Magicfan1987    76

Look, I'm not going to sit here and pretend that my lack of patience with this teams offense over the past 5 years isn't leading me to want Young #1 overall or Doncic, we need an initator, but if I were more patient and put that aside and through the scope of Isaacs defense since he's come back, one could do a lot worse than drafting JJJ. If JI is a mold, JJJ fits that mold as well and I'd enjoy watching every moment of those two develop.  He's not a media darling and you've got to be a real basketball head to sell yourself on him cause his stats aren't through the roof but neither were Isaacs. 

Defensively you'd have a windmill on the perimeter and one in the paint with the ability for either to switch out. Pair them with AG, who I see as a 2/3rd option scoring wise on an elite team. I see his potential as a secondary ball handler taking over the role that Evan has. 

So I'm here scouting these guys and it's exciting imagining building this team but eventually you have to drop an engine in youe car, the piece that will get the vehicle running right and every piece optimal. We NEED an offensive initiator and elite 3 point scoring threat. We NEED a player that warps the floor and has so much gravity that a coach should be able to draw up simple and effective plays. Doncic maybe an elite offensive initator but he's not going to average more than 23 a night in his prime, not likely. I hate to cap young guys because I believe so much in the human will in general but for the sake of projections and arguments, that's my take. 

Ayton, Bamba, Bagley, JJJ someone has to give those guys the ball.

Some people complain about Aaron's shot selection, imagine if he was playing to his strengths, getting easy buckets off back door cuts and constantly cutting baseline. Elfrid was not an elite passer or the most creative passer . He was decent at driving and kicking and could make the occasional lob from the top of the key but rarely was he making assists from the perimeter because the defender was always sagging and disrupting those lanes.

Imagine a player that wouldn't be overwhelmed but double or triple teams and play calm and make passes to the open man in pressure situations.  Imagine a guy that doesn't have to drive all the way to the freaking baseline before making the assist. Imagine this player also has elite handles and can get his shot off faster than almost anyone in the league and make them at a really really good clip. 

Having a player like that in your rebuild helps your style of play so much and make a so many guys that much more efficient. I'd take that guy over a guy who in a vacuum might be a better player but doesn't make his teammates better, more efficient or allow more flexibility with youe overall roster. That is why right now today in this draft I want Trae Young freshman point guard from Oklahoma. The first player to lead the NCAA in scoring and assists for the season. The same player who tied the single game record with 22 assists to players who Id be surprised if they ever made a summer league roster.  a player who's upside is as high as anyone's in the draft, an initator who played like he was taking middle schoolers to the varsity game. 

People want to talk about how Steph Curry changed the NBA but the genesis of this style came with Steve Nash on the Phoenix suns in the 2000s. Young modeled  his game after Nash, Lillard, and Curry. This new NBA style isn't something that just happened overnight, it's the flagship scheme for analytics departments around the league. The Portland Trail blazers roster is well known to be INFERIOR outside of Lillard and Mcculum but they can compete with other teams because they try to get everyone shooting the 3 ball. It's why guys like Allen Crabbe make decent money and why Otto Porter makes darn near max money. 

There's no reason in my mind not to take a shot on Trae Young. He doesn't have to be a curry to make this team a lot better, he just has to be himself. He's a similar engine type in a draft filled with diesels. I gotta swing for the outlier. 

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Magicfan1987    76
7 minutes ago, the notorious S.A.C. said:

Bamba will go higher than projected. Like it or not you cant teach that size and defense.

yeah he could easily go 3 or 4 depending who's picking

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