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Magic @ Charlotte

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Mauro Pedrosa    300
1 minute ago, Soul Bro said:

Biz is worse than Vooch, in my opinion. Thus, unless you’re starting Isaac at Center, we’re stuck. Then we’ve got the Payton and Augustin situation. Both are below average PGs, so again we’re left with poor options. Some of our guys need to go.

Biz is less skilled, but I think his defense would be beneficial for our starting lineup. This is how I'd run this team

Starting 5:

Augustin, Fournier, Isaac (he guards 4s), Gordon (he guards 3s), Biyombo. Isaac is subbed out at the 6 min mark and comes back in the 2nd quarter to play with the backups, Gordon plays the entire 1st quarter

So this would essentially be the Bench:

Payton, Simmons, Ross, Isaac, Vucevic

Crunch time lineup:

Augustin, Fournier, Simmons, Gordon, Isaac. Vuc or Payton could be there if hot

So Isaac would play 3, 4 and 5 throughout the game

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~O~    447

Yep. Continue to let Walker beat you down the floor. Show us that you have learned anything Magic.  

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