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2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

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JJZFL    97
9 hours ago, fan for too long 2 said:

Then neither does their opinion. Relevance is a perception based on that individuals opinion. So your opinion, my opinion, anybody’s opinion really have little or no relevance. 

Nope.  That's not right, you're confused on this issue.  Look, it's fine to disagree with Lowe/Clifford and explain your reasoning.  I might even agree with you on some of it.  But it's not ok to say that their opinion is no good because they don't fly F-35's or because they wear glasses.  Those statements have absolutely nothing to do with the issue being discussed, and shouldn't be brought up at all.  The same applies as to whether they've won any championships.  There is a difference between relevant and irrelevant.

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7 hours ago, Mike1989 said:

What are our predictions for our remaining games this season?

76ers, Suns, Nets, Bulls, @Hawks, @Knicks, Mavericks, Hornets, @Raptors, @Bucks, Wizards

I'll be honest I am not looking forward to us having six straight games against tanking opposition. On the one hand if all goes well we can pretty much have a top four odds tied up, but on the other a winning run could see us play ourselves into the 7th or 8th range depending on how other results go.

Depends on whether we are tanking or not.  I tend to think yes.  If Payton has a career game (hoping revenge/payback is on his and his teammates mind) and Suns beat us and then we lose to the Brooklyn Cavaliers (that loss is a must if we have any brains), then if Bulls still at 24 wins we tank that one.  At Hawks should be an easy loss and at Knicks too.  Will still be battling Memphis and Suns so close 0-5 and we are top 3, probably top 2.  That is a plan.  Failing to plan is planning to fail.

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~O~    451

BRUH...........Memphis are tank mother*****ing gods.  We are not getting no number 1 pick homie. SHeesh.  Losing by 6 (*****ING) 1

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