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Mauro Pedrosa

2017 Watch the Playoffs Thread!

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Odin    95

Cavs have so much shooting though


Making it so close though.


Such ticky tack stuff being called on the pacers.

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?4thewin    1,764

Not even sure how tp justify this.


Celtics being soft and the definition of a regular season team?


Isaiah's family tragedy having a part?


No. He's played as expected.


People smarter than me point out that Boston is a collection of solid players that win games by playing hard every night.


But in the playoffs every team plays hard every night. The gaps close and the elite players become the difference.


Butler is going to be the best player on the floor every night. And occasionally wade will be the second best player. Combine that with matchup problems and this is what you get

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Tank Vogel    145

In addition to Butler being the best player in the series,


1. Bulls are a significantly better rebounding team than Boston


2. Isaiah Thomas is literally the only Boston player that can get his own shot consistently


3. Robin Lopez is playing way above his head offensively

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