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2017 Official Offseason Thread

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Vogel: Well, we’ve got to get better individually. It starts there. We’ve got to get better at guarding our own position and guarding our own guy. You can have the greatest team in the world, and if you’re not doing a good enough job guarding your own guy, you’re not going to be very good. So it starts there. Some of the things we did schematically towards the second part of the season, I thought, paid dividends for us, especially with the way the league is playing with five 3-point shooters out there much of the time. And I think those things are going to help us going into this season.

OS: Are you referring to switching often on defense and playing smaller, with one traditional big as opposed to two?

Vogel: Yes. That’s the style of play that I think this group has to play. We will be doing a lot more switching. But what we’ve got to get good at is all the details that go into being good at switching and handling all the unintended consequences of a switching scheme. Those are the things that come up that take time to develop that we planted the seeds with last season, and we’ll continue this year.

OS: Are you referring to taking better angles and fighting through contract?


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5 Bold Predictions For This Season

1.  Jonathan Simmons wins most improved player

2.  Jonathan Isaac shoots 34 percent from 3 point range

3.  Magic lead the league in defensive rating

4.  Magic have someone make the all star game

5.  Orlando exceeds the expected win total and makes the playoffs


Number 2 seems the only one remotely possible.

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