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2016-2017 Trade Idea Thread

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man these trades are bad today.


Ibaka got traded for a solid starting shooting guard and the number 10 pick in a bad draft. Ibaka is not going to net us a perennial all star.


Golden state isn't going to trade Thompson. it doesn't make sense.

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no idea why Indiana would do that


cause he kicked the ball into a woman's face in the stands......LOL


I dont know im grasping at straws I feel vuch has to go and we need a go to scorer and in my opinion paul george is exactly the type of guy we need


line up of




Paul George-sf




we would have a nice bench if they keep playing the way the have the past few games. Clearly Indiana wouldn't bite on that trade but maybe someone here with more knowledge on how to make the trade work better could amend it. I think we need paul george here but more importantly we need to trade Vuch. For every point he scores he allows 2 and thats not gunna work. Maybe just maybe our coaching staff can get him to improve defensively but i dont see that happening as fast as we would need it to happen.

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Looking at that trade i can see that Paul George has 2 more contract years after this one. I wonder why so many people on this board thought or think he is up for grabs?

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AG is Shawn Marion.


Him at the 3 is ok for now, Marion played there in the beginning and defended 3's, but Marion is the player AG has always reminded me of. Not Paul George.

I agree. He reminds me a lot of Marion.

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I can't argue with your opinion. I can argue that Giannis would be a better choice over AG in any imaginable way at this point however. Giannis, by way of what you and I both said, is a basketball player. He touches every aspect of the game and imparts his b-intelligence into the flow. To this point, when AG tries to do that, it stops the flow on offense and on defense either turns into a nice highlight worthy block/steal or into a blown assignment and easy basket for the other team.


I understand that on paper he switched positions, but his issues and role on this team are pretty much the same as they have been all along. He is bouncy, but he moved to the 3 so he could try his hand at more mobile players-he wasn't terribly effective at guarding bigger guys last year. If he is a four, his defensive potential may not be realized as much. He's in the right 'position' now given his tremendous physical attributes on the defensive end and potential on offense. If you thought I was being harsh all I can say is that I didn't realize you were so sensitive. As far as PER goes, SSS for everyone is the first thing that comes to my mind. The second is that 16 is not very good, average at best, just a testament to how balanced (mediocre) our team has been so far.

Murph, just an fyi, I had no personal issue with your take. Just disagreed with it

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