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Man, I've been hearing the exact same message for 3 decades now. I know the Middle East is volatile but it's the same message over and over from fire and brimstone preachers. If I had a dollar for every time a preacher told me that the end times were here I would have a job to talk about in the other thread.


It took 1800 years for Israel to become it's own state again. Be patient. Sit back, relax, and wait for Iran to finish it's nukes.


Here is something to think about..... In Revelations it says that when Jesus comes back down that we will all see. After finding out that the Earth is round, how would this be possible? TV.

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?4thewin    1,785

Well we've all had TV for a while. We'd have them long enough to make them as small and thin as possible. We're waiting jezush.


pshh tv is so 1990's. Now its all about the youtube live streams.

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