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  1. 2017 Official Offseason Thread

    Do you guys think if we make the playoffs once or twice but ultimately (and inevitably) find out that we have no game changing stars on this team as they enter their primes... that this management will be granted the ability to or would even want to scrap the whole thing and try for another draft star? My fears as a fan are the doldrums of mediocrity that Milwaukee puts up with (well maybe they don't, I don't know). We have spoiled fans, I know. Penny was one of the figures that turned me from a kid with no interest in sports to a basketball obsessive. So I guess I'm one of them. I can wait, but only if I'm waiting for something substantial. I was good with the hire of the new FO but what I've been hoping for all along is the tenure and longlasting nature of what the Spurs have as an organisation. Does anyone else wonder if the vibe of the guys we are hoping turns our beloved team around will stick around for the long haul? Whether the satisfaction of the playoffs would be job done or not? Milwaukee, Denver and Toronto have always had so little to be happy with, that their middling success in recent times seems like they're satisfied. I'd just hate our favourite team to be stuck in that rut for decades too. I'd stick around but the passion for it would greatly wane...
  2. 2017 NBA Draft Thread

    Sorry, not knocking the premise necessarily or that you agree with that premise. It's all valid until we can look at these things with hindsight later on. I just felt the article was poorly conceived and constructed in and of itself. Sometime I wonder why I go back to that site at all.
  3. 2017 NBA Draft Thread

    That's great and all, but who the eff is Luke Duffy and why should we listen to a guy writing on a semi-pro website when his writing is immediately terrible?
  4. Coaching Staff

    Yeah I was getting hung up on the offense itself but I completely agree there. Shooting should be a premium push for this franchise with the amount of non-shooters we have playing minutes on the roster.
  5. Coaching Staff

    Just wondering what you guys think. I've been in love with the game for years but still feel so detached from it that I don't know anything about assistant coaches. All I know is that a good, experienced staff can be a real difference maker. I know nothing about our four guys and/or if anyone has a particularly strong enough skill set to be a coordinator on one side of the ball or the other. I guess I'm also ignorant to whether this is necessary, but I do get the impression from the way some games have gone and the discussion on here that actual schemes aren't Vogel's strong suit. So, question: Do you think Hammond and Weltman force an offensive coordinator on Vogel this summer? Do you think they'd be at all impressed by his in game work last year? Would forcing something like this leave us without a respected coach again?
  6. 2017 Official Offseason Thread

    Oh I hope for something in that vein for Hezonja too. I think it's a matter of time. But with Payton I just can't get the hell over his hair impeding his shooting. That airballed free throw is just a d*** punch. It seems like a much easier, tangible path to resolution. I'm probably overly optimistic as well but god it's not like Mario's never had raw talent, we've all seen flashes of it. It's kind of annoying because its not like he's had a traumatic on court event like Nick Anderson did that killed his confidence. He's got to get through it eventually. Just hope it's not too far down the track. Surely stability helps.
  7. 2017 Official Offseason Thread

    Is it dumb that I kinda fantasise that over the summer Elf gets serious, shaves all his hair off and spends his offseason fixing his shot (or trying)?
  8. 2017 Official Offseason Thread

    good point, but it's interesting to think if it's about making denver nervous to get more money or if he's announcing it early enough because he doesn't care for the spot he's in. even if it's next year it'd be a nice luxury to have a competent shooter as back up / emergency starter... i'm just ignoring jodie meeks and his 36 games here
  9. 2017 Official Offseason Thread

    I know we have been down this path before but I feel like asking anyway. Just because the circumstances are slightly different this year than last. Will Barton, now UFA. Any body reckon that he might score a big deal somewhere or do you think we have or even want a shot? This team just needs guys who can shoot in whatever way possible. He's a nice role player, right?
  10. Henny has been fired!

    Predicating an entire offseason on free agency and winning trades though is also equally unreliable and inconsistent though. And I guess in a sense, we did try that way last offseason too. And it failed. I don't think anyone of us would have been that unhappy if we managed to get one or some of the guys you mentioned. I personally love those guys. They wouldn't take us anywhere but honestly I probably would have rather rooted for them over Fournier or Biyombo. But obviously those guys were not available to us either way. The hole our favourite team is in right now is going to be tough to get out of without some luck. I haven't had so little confidence in the future since 1999. But I doubt we are pulling a T-Mac out of the rabbit's hat this time.
  11. Henny has been fired!

    Don't feel like I'm missing the point. Of course there can be multiple ways to build a team but they're all tempered by a complex set of situational, historical and chance related circumstances. Without all teams and circumstances being equal, the one defining factor of success is either generational talent or multiple stars. It just seems to escape reason to argue that it shouldn't be at least TRIED if the franchise's goal is to win a championship. The whole model and rhetoric relating to sustainable success is predicated on actually having some defining success first, followed by being able to maximise it and then retain it well enough and long enough to unearth another generation. Obviously, Hennigan sold himself on replicating the SA model while looking down at the Mavs model. Or the Heat model. It probably doesn't help that we don't have the pulling power of the Heat (but how sustainable will this be heading into the future), or either SA's or Dallas' previous success. We have to start somewhere, and it won't come again til we get our guy. It's just so simple. When they CAN put themselves into that situation they SHOULD. Clearly this year was just a total s**tfest and we don't even know if this draft will produce multiple career long all stars or just a long list of pretty good players. As scouting gets better surely the well of opportunities to snag guys who were drafted way too low for their value won't exactly be more abundant. As P4TW said, we can't just hope that the other teams will be dumber than our guys. We need our option clear 1, 1A or at least 1B very soon or it won't matter what the Magic choose to do. We'll just be watching a team suck for ages again. The reason I keep advocating this path, not actually rooting for losses, so much as feeling that noone in their right mind is going to sign here as a free agent willfully. We have no Riley-type (we don't even have a Cuban and he can't attract anything), we have no good-vibe culture, little history and no 1, 1a or 1b to advocate for us. This is Ground Zero. If Aaron Gordon and Mario hit their primes here as the best players on the team then our ceiling over the next 10 years is low.
  12. Henny has been fired!

    Can we also add this narrative device to your proposition "eventually one of these substandard picks we keep getting in the 10-20 range will magically turn into a player that everyone slept on, ala Paul Pierce, Paul George, Kawhi Leonard and others". Because aside from them and guys like Draymond and Klay, Tony Parker and Jimmy Butler, those are some pretty slim pickings for "candidates for best player on a halfway decent team" in that range over the last 20 years. How mediocre do you want the Magic to be?
  13. Henny has been fired!

    Finally and succinctly, lol, this is it. That is the summary. And using Golden State as a barometer for teams full of middling first round picks, cue 15 - 20 years of mediocrity if our next GM thinks that's the way to go.
  14. 2017 NBA Draft Thread

    Y'know it'll be great when we have a few more years of viewing this 3-ball dominated NBA under our belt so we can feel a little more inspired than possibly-more-valuable-Ben Gordon lol. I get what you mean and I liked him in Chicago even if I can't stand the Bulls or the roster he played with. But it's really hard to know which of these guys are going to be conducive to perpetual winning basketball over time. I guess that's why I just want the guy who can shoot the best. the NCAA 3pt line doesn't help us prepare for that. *sigh*
  15. 2017 NBA Draft Thread

    Would people say the buzz about Monk being the best pure scorer of the bunch is true? If so, isn't that seriously the biggest thing we need one way or the other?