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  1. I love my PTSD.

    Finally, up close

    What a blast. Once the Magic saw our tickets we got an escort (Hot woman) through the Mercedes Lounge where we ate, and then to our seats (hotter woman). It was exactly like I thought it would be. We could see everything perfectly. The pregame ceremonys are really good from the floor. The loud speakers are much better, and you can here the live stuff like drummers so much better. My favorite was the Magic Dancers. You can see how hard they are working to get their routine right, and they REALLY look good doing it up close. And the halftime electric spinning wheelchair soccer game was awesome. Paralized drivers were actually playing soccer with a huge ball, controlling their wheelchairs with hand controls, and spinning the wheelchair to hit the ball. It was so good to see the players faces as they participated in the biggest event of their entire lives in front of an appreciative crowd. . It is so different from the side,and when we were seated we actually looked up to see the ball. You could see the rough housing on the court. It looked like the refs could have called fouls on every single play. The fact that we got behind something like 16 -2 was a little worrysome, but it was fun when we made our runs. The rookies made rookie mistakes, and really seemed nervous when they had the ball. That is part of their learning, but it is sure ugly to watch. I believe it is very much a confidence thing. They seem to be worried about getting their shots blocked, and being tentative, thus allowing it to happen or forcing up a weak shot. The awfulness of Big Baby's game last night could really be appreciated from the ground. I think teams are starting to understand that they can stop the Magic by stopping JJ. He had someone in his pocket all night, and only had a couple of good looks. You really do see things differently in the good seats. Back to the fun stuff. Everything was free except for mixed drinks. That was fantastic food, desserts, beer, wine, and sodas. There were hot chicks all around me, including, of course, my wife. In the second half I got more comfortable with yelling at the refs and taunting the Hawks. I yelled just as much as I do from my normal seats. But they could hear me down there. After a furious rally we lost. But the fun continued for us. We got caught in the traffic jam on court while Kyle Korver was giving his post game. Then when we got home we watched the game on TV, and there we were, in almost every shot. We were at the bottom of the screen near where they show the score. We recorded the game, so we have a nice memory of the night. If you ever get the chance, do it. I will never forget it.
  2. I love my PTSD.

    Finally, up close

    After 22 years with Magic season tickets, we will finally will get to sit courtside for the Atlanta game. They just called me and asked me if I wanted the seats. We will be in the third row, on the floor, facing the Magic Bench, right at the top of the key. We might even get lucky and be stomped by Big Baby. I remember my first game ever in the O-rena about 3 rows from the top in the upper deck. Maybe this will balance that one out. Enough gloating. I hope they don't decide to tank in the Atlanta game.
  3. I love my PTSD.

    2012 Orlando Magic Regular Season Thread

    In any universe Ish was better than Duhon. At least Ish can get it over the center court line before he loses control of it.
  4. I love my PTSD.

    Where's the Excitement?

    The excitement is in the effort. Excitement is in having fun at the games everynight. Excitement is upsetting a team with superstars. Excitement is seeing our unselfish team actually pass the ball to another player that might even pass it back. Excitement is seeing the anger of the opponent when they understand that we are not going to lay down. All this talk about tanking is unnecessary, and anything but exciting. I expect every player in every game to do everything possible to win. Better talent AND effort might beat us, but we should not be beaten by talent alone. Make them work up a serious sweat. I expect our inexperienced players to make mistakes, and sometimes look ill-able to win. But it should be a benching act if they ever show less than maximum effort. And I don't see any reason to expect anything else. If a 'ship is the only goal, then every year is a failure for 29 teams. Our title contender last year was blasted in the first round. Doesn't matter. No matter what happened short of a 'ship would have dissappointed a lot of people. So I, as a paying Season Ticket holder for many years, can say that I am looking forward to an exciting season, with a team that exceeds expectations. To a hungry team that I can be proud of, because they gave all they have. To me, that is excitement. And if this rag tag bunch makes the playoffs because of their efforts, then screw the lottery draft. We may not need it to do our return to competitiveness. That is what I have to say about that.
  5. I love my PTSD.

    Game Thread

    Just got home from the game. What a good time. My guess is that Denver is not going to be very good this year. The crowd was raucous. We needed this one, and it was really fun to watch good basketball. Everyone hustled, and the ball moved a lot. It was nice to see some plays, executed well, and not dependent on moving the ball through the center. Lots of pick and rolls, and give and go plays. This will work great until someone watches tape and figures out that they can kill us in the middle, and good players will have a stealfest. I love the hustle, and the help defense. Vaughn tried to get everyone involved. Sometimes too much. For a while it looked like a little league game where everyone had to play a certain number of innings. Didn't see Turk go down, but did see Nelson hit the ground and grab his knee a lot. I am worried about that. Can't wait to see the game Sunday. I like the style and ball movement.
  6. I love my PTSD.

    2012 Orlando Magic Regular Season Thread

    I am ready for Jones to become a go to guy on the second squad. JJ and DJ will tear up the other teams second unit's. I predict a great year, from a fan's standpoint......as long as you don't care who wins. And I predict we beat the Lakers....one of our 27 wins.
  7. I love my PTSD.

    How did you become a Magic fan?

    I guess it would be. I suggest that this be changed to 1989.
  8. I love my PTSD.

    How did you become a Magic fan?

    I was a huge Indiana high school basketball fan in the late 80s. The crowds were large, loud, and raukus. Brian Evans was a sophmore on the Terre Haute South team we followed around the state in 1988. When we moved down here we tried high school but there was hardly anyone in the stands, and I felt like a fool screaming at the ref when everyone else in the gym was quiet. So I switched to the Magic in their first year. Loved it. It was almost as good as Indiana High School basketball. We have had season tickets since 1969. And I feel real comfortable calling the refs idiots again.
  9. I love my PTSD.

    GT: Magic vs. Indiana

    I will be there. One of few, I expect. It will be fun trying to recognize the new guys.
  10. I love my PTSD.

    anything interesting to talk about

    I hear crickets. Will the games be like this? 17,000 people watching Facebook on their phone at the Amway Center. It is fitting that we start in Mexico City. We can blame our season on Montazuma's Revenge. Meanwhile, let's argue about the merits of what's his name.
  11. I love my PTSD.

    2012 MAGIC Offseason Thread

    I believe the gym only holds about 200. Half that for full court games.
  12. I love my PTSD.

    2012 MAGIC Offseason Thread

    I think I know who YBR was, after watching this.
  13. I love my PTSD.

    Bynum best center in the league?

    Mods. Could you please move this to the other teams portion of this board. I don't want to listen to all of these arguments about players who are not on the Magic team. Unless there is some special statute of limitations for Howard. Maybe I should start a couple of threads about Arroyo, since he doesn't play for us either. I would just as soon be able to avoid the other teams homers, especially since this is all done now.
  14. I love my PTSD.

    Bynum best center in the league?

    Mods, since this is about two players who are not on the Magic, I could care less and believe such conversations should be in the other teams area. I am already sick of hearing about Howard. I don't want to hear about who my old girlfriend is dating, even if he is really ugly.