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  1. Emory889

    Official 2015 Offseason Thread

    I'm a permanent resident of Vegas. Trust me, you've made a wise decision.
  2. Emory889

    Tyler Harvey

    I think I understood you just fine. The players you listed aren't just NBA rotation players, they are actual very productive NBA players that had/are having long careers. It's very difficult to find those players in the second round and even harder to find them late in the second round where Harvey was taken. It's a clear sign that your expectations are too high when you think the worst case scenario is Moore who still managed to play a couple of seasons in the NBA. The worst case scenario is Harvey gets cut in training camp and never sniffs an NBA court.
  3. Emory889

    Tyler Harvey

    I have to say though, if that youtube clip is an accurate representation of his shot selection in college, it's damn impressive that he shot 43% from the 3pt line.
  4. Emory889

    Tyler Harvey

    I'll settle for an actual NBA rotation player. Michael Redd is the absolute moon.
  5. Emory889

    Official 2015 Offseason Thread

    I think there's a better chance of the Magic signing me to a max deal than landing Aldridge. It's a wonderful wet dream to have though.
  6. Emory889


    Well, there was some debate over maybe taking Okafor. No one wanted Alonzo over Shaq.
  7. Emory889


    Someone clearly wasn't around at the beginning of the Shaq years.
  8. Emory889

    GAMETHREAD: magic vs bulls

    Every coach has their flaw. Stan's biggest flaw was that his demanding style wore on players over time....however he also said that rest was immensely overrated. Is there anyone here that wouldn't take Stan back? And for the record, by all accounts the Bulls players absolutely love Thibs. That matters a lot. I can only begin to imagine how dominant this team's defense would be with Thib's game planning and the players he will have to work with on this roster. Just frightening.
  9. Emory889

    TMF's Depiction of "Pure Magic"

    Not to be rude, but I'm not a fan of the star.
  10. Emory889

    The Orlando Magic Sack Jacque Vaughn

    I think the piece the Magic are missing is that star player. Now if Hennigan had the opportunity to draft a star player and missed, then I think there's a chance his job could be in jeopardy. I, however, have not found that to be the case. I think the GM is as safe as can be for a while, for all the reasons you have stated.
  11. Emory889

    Are we better without Victor Oladipo?

    We just lost to one of the best teams in the West. A team that just destroyed the Heat, which are a good team in the own right, the night before. I'm not sure what people were expecting to happen tonight.
  12. Emory889

    GAME THREAD: Milwaukee Bucks @ Orlando Magic

    That Oladipo drive was the play of the night. That was incredible.
  13. Emory889

    Why Elfrid will win ROY

    His offense will get better when he learns how to finish at the rim better. I remember Oladipo struggling with this last season too, particularly the first couple of months.
  14. Emory889

    The Brooklyn Thread

    We currently do have an imbalance in scoring until Oladipo comes back. The primary scoring options are Vuc and Tobias. Honestly, I'd rather see the ball go to Vuc in the post (against most matchups and definitely against a 70 year old Garnett) than have Tobias jack up medium range contested jumpers. I think you go to your best weapon in the 4th quarter until the other team proves they can stop it. If every team could run the Spurs continuity offense, they would. We don't have the weapons, or the passers, to run that style of offense yet.....not to mention the years of playing together that it takes to develop that level of chemistry.
  15. Comparing Pekovic to Gregor Clegane had me cracking up.
  16. Emory889

    Jacque Vaughn Thread

    You really don't remember the Magic hiring him, him getting cold feet almost immediately after the press conference, then the Magic and their lawyers negotiating a buyout with Donovan's lawyers that took so long that we almost lost out on Stan too? The question you should be asking yourself is why do you like Donovan so much? Getting past the fact that most college basketball coaches have failed miserably in the NBA, we are talking about a guy that publicly embarrassed the Magic with his actions.
  17. Emory889

    Jacque Vaughn Thread

    I'm going to need you to punch yourself in the face until you come to your senses.
  18. Emory889

    Grantland preview

    I sincerely hope not.
  19. Emory889

    Update: Dante and Galante: Episode 2

    You have no idea how happy this makes me. I also second the podcast idea.
  20. Emory889

    Grantland preview

    Haha, hopefully a poor man's PJ Brown. DOM has my hopes up now.
  21. Emory889

    Grantland preview

    I'll be pretty ecstatic with a poor man's PJ Brown.
  22. Emory889

    Payton over Exum

    There were a lot of people on here that liked Payton. I think most just assumed we would probably go point guard if one of the big 3 didn't fall.
  23. Emory889

    Official 2014-2015 Strapped-In Season Thread

    I don't think you guys can list a multiple time allstar as a Magic killer. Billups was killing a lot of teams when he was in his prime. That said, he definitely gave us fits. That entire Pistons team did.
  24. Emory889

    Preseason Observations

    The East will be better this year. I don't think teams will be able to suck and still make the playoffs like last season.
  25. Emory889

    Official 2014-2015 Strapped-In Season Thread

    Well this was fun. Let's never do it again.