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    FAQ For the New Forum

    There is an IPhone app for the boards now! Go to your apps search and type in IP Boards and it's a free app
  2. magicdepth

    Breaking News... Turkoglu breaks off talks

    Hey guys long time no chat.... Lets not forget Otis talked SVG into the job while Stan was in Sac... Turk could be flying to O-town...
  3. magicdepth


    You just wait...When Brian Cook comes out from his funk he will make you miss him like we miss Ariza... Brian Cook is a future All Star and you guys will regret trading him... Who am I trying to fool here? We lost in that trade big time...I miss Trevor so bad! Atleast he is home and making progress he is a great individual... Just in case you change your mind we will consider trading Cook back but it will take draft picks as well!
  4. Diffrent...I give you that... The jump shot observation is hilarious! Warlock does have a tattoo of Michael Jordan I guess he built his game based off multiple NBA legends... Magic BLOW OUT WIZ! Magic 112 Wizards 82 Dwight Howard is 100% from the foul line..12 of 12! P.S. Shouldnt the Home team be first in the thread..After all they are the team we are rooting for...arnt they?
  5. magicdepth

    Is our Team BELIEVING to much ?

    quote: Originally posted by KLR:I would help with the whole believe thing, but i have nothing to believe in. You can "Believe" that Sheed will grow hair in his bald spot...
  6. magicdepth

    Is our Team BELIEVING to much ?

    quote: Originally posted by Miller4Prez64:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ip1zsUIosoA Although it has the word Believe in it...Thats a great song!
  7. magicdepth

    Game Thread: Magic @ Bulls [12/31]

    Jareth what channel is the game on?
  8. magicdepth

    Is our Team BELIEVING to much ?

    quote: Originally posted by ThisIsTheYear:I "Believe" This stupid thread might making it to the Hall of Fame...Un "Believe" Able. quote: 1. BELIEVE! 2. BELIEVE!! 3. BELIEVE!!! 4. BELIEVE!!!! 5. BELIEVE!!!!! 6. BELIEVE!!!!!! 7. BELIEVE!!!!!!! 8. BELIEVE!!!!!!!! 9. BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!
  9. magicdepth

    Is our Team BELIEVING to much ?

    quote: Originally posted by Hutchence: I "believe" even with all the drama in her life she is still Hot....
  10. magicdepth

    Is our Team BELIEVING to much ?

    This might help us all...
  11. magicdepth

    Game Thread: Magic @ Bulls [12/31]

    quote: Originally posted by jack daniel 999:NO SLACK>>>ANYTIME>>>AGAINST ANYONE !!! Mark this post down in history...JD types a post with out the word "Believe"...Maybe he is too busy padding his post count in his little believe thread he has going...
  12. magicdepth

    Is our Team BELIEVING to much ?

    I Believe I just spent the worst 5 mins of my life reading this "Believe" garbage. We should all have a class action lawsuit against this guy because I "Believe" he took valuable time away from all of our lives. I hope you rot in hell JD..The Devil Believes in you!
  13. magicdepth

    12/25: Hornets @ Magic, 12pm EST

    quote: Originally posted by AddiFB: Red Rover, Red Rover Send Dwight Howard Right over!
  14. magicdepth

    Does anyone else have these?

    Dude..Not cool...the regular shot was fine to show off the pants, but giving the forum the butt shot...Not cool...
  15. magicdepth

    Merry Christmas Magic Fans

    quote: Originally posted by jack daniel 999: quote: Originally posted by magicdepth:Hope you all have a great day with your family on this special day...Merry Christmas to all.. JD do you "believe" in santa?? Of course I do... I BELIEVE in all that's cool for the Human race and makes us happy thru the Trials of LIFE "Happy trails to you...."