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  1. Sound effects at Amway

  2. Magic @ Wolves

    Last night was a great example of this. Terrible defense the whole game. Lock down defense from him in the forth
  3. Magic @ Wolves

    yeah. Winning mentality is just a code word for playing hard consistently and having enough experience to make the right plays. I don't know if we really need deandre Jordan. The cost to obtain him/ cost to retain him might be too high. We might be fine with a platoon of biyombo, speights, and birch.
  4. Magic @ Wolves

    I think it'd also benefit us to have Fournier and Gordon take more fga. With vuc and Simmons out there a lot you end up in a situation where somebody gets screwed out of buckets. It might fix the Gordon - Fournier issue entirely if they're both getting 15 shots per game guaranteed.
  5. Magic @ Wolves

    At some point vucevic is going to leave this team, settle on someone's bench, be legitimately one of the best bench bigs in the league, and we'll have to deal with a bunch of people saying how stupid we are for letting him go. But he can't do that here. He won't accept that. You see how great he is here for stretches but you need someone better to mitigate his bad stretches.
  6. Magic @ Wolves

    If you post the link to the tweet it embeds onto the forum
  7. Magic @ Wolves

    It wasn't a conspiracy or anything. We fouled a lot
  8. Magic @ Wolves

    It's not a win. We just needed to see fight from them. They had no reason to and they fought anyway. That's important. Not a win but important
  9. Magic @ Wolves

    It's a game of runs. Just more pronounced runs tonight
  10. Magic @ Wolves

    One of the most celebrated teams in franchise history went on a 4-17 streak. If we can figure this out it will be ok
  11. Magic @ Wolves

    I'm not going to be mad about a 6 point loss on the road. You guys can feel how you want
  12. Magic @ Wolves

  13. Magic @ Wolves

    I'll sacrifice a game if we actually learn something from this
  14. Magic @ Wolves

  15. Magic @ Wolves