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  1. Magic vs Boston

    we got rebounded & 2nd chance points by our opponent helped them build a lead as we missed too many 1st half shot (but overall we sucked tonight) at least we didn't lose by 20+ points
  2. Magic vs Boston

    agreed with that but at least we lost by less then 10 points then over 20 like we were down earlier in the game
  3. Magic vs Boston

    hard game to watch (but whatever happens i'm a proud magic fan)
  4. Magic vs Boston

    not looking great (going too need some second chance points conversation on offense too get back in the game) just hope for the best let's go magic
  5. Magic vs Boston

    looks like it's going to be a defense of game as we are missing a lot of shots right now (slow start tonight)
  6. Magic vs Boston

    it's game time (let's get another w) whatever happens (i'm proud of the way the magic play this game)
  7. Bucks @ Magic, Wednesday March 14th @ 7:00 P.M.

    great win tonight
  8. Bucks @ Magic, Wednesday March 14th @ 7:00 P.M.

    let's finish strong & play all out too get this win
  9. Bucks @ Magic, Wednesday March 14th @ 7:00 P.M.

    let's go magic hope we get a win but i don't want too mess up our good pick
  10. Magic Vs Clippers

    we played a better first half tonight then last night (as i think they were trying too get up the win after the last time we were at staples center on Wednesday)
  11. Magic Vs Clippers

    at least we got more points in the 1st half then last night (let's get this game win tonight after our bad start tonight)
  12. Magic Vs Clippers

    we got off too a bad start (but hope too keep our fire going as we are playing not bad right now)
  13. Magic Vs Clippers

    off too another bad start (just hope it's not as bad as last night)
  14. Magic Vs Clippers

    Let's Go Magic (Time too get on the right track with a win) hope it's not as bad of a start as last night
  15. Magic @ kings

    got off too a slow start (down 5 at the half) 2nd half is going too come down to a defense of game (hope the magic offense comes too life in the 2nd half)