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  1. 2018 Watch the Playoffs thread

    As I said before the rockets series, I don’t see Gsw losing any championship in the next 2-3 years they have assembled the most potent roster I have seen in a very long time, possibly ever seen
  2. Favorite NON Magic player of all time

    Best player I ever seen Jordan favourite because he is my compatriot and super talented Ginobili after Jordan the best is lebron and then duncan least favourite Derek fisher and Kenny Smith, they both killed me
  3. Favorite Magic Players of All Time

    Waiting for it tbh I don’t have any particular favourite because anyone either broke my heart (shaq, Anderson, Dwight) or wasn’t too good for too long to be favourite (Armstrong) or lost the finals which for me is even worse than being a lottery team (turk, Lewis, penny) or stole from the team (grant hill). It all leads me to tmac, I liked his game but I don’t have favourites because I am still waiting to See Orlando with a ring. As far as talent goes, Dwight shaq penny tmac and Turk are my all time 5, with Lewis being close 6.
  4. Clifford the big magic coach

    Certainly not an appealing coach, imho. If he holds them accountable and can make them play hard and unselfishly, maybe it can work. How long is his contract?
  5. 2018 Watch the Playoffs thread

    LeBron is amazing, period. Even with him being one of the greatest all time, there is no way they beat either warriors (IMHO, as I said, no chance they lose the championship this year and the next) or rockets
  6. Clifford the big magic coach

    We are masochists if not it would be impossible to root for a team who has been heart broken as many times as us and that probably has 3 of the 5 worst managerial decisions ever
  7. 2018 Watch the Playoffs thread

    I don’t root for any team not named Orlando Magic for me watching the playoffs is a impartial event, just want to watch close games and don’t care who wins or loses since Orlando is not involved
  8. 2018 Watch the Playoffs thread

    LeBron is something else... since I started watching nba (1993) my ranking would be Jordan, LeBron, duncan, shaq and kobe, in that order as I said In other thread i would go all in for rozier, not smart
  9. Clifford the big magic coach

    IMHO That was a good candidate with this young roster you need someone that can develop and also hold guys accountable
  10. 2018 Watch the Playoffs thread

    I wouldnt go for smart, he fits really good in bos, dont think would be as valuable here. I would go all in for rozier, think he is the type of high iq pg with upside given his youth
  11. Clifford the big magic coach

    There is no need to rush. There was not any obvious candidate who was a perfect fit. I'll give em benefit of the doubt in this one
  12. 2018 Watch the Playoffs thread

    Imho Boston is doing all that they can taking into account their young and inexperienced roster. This celtics are textbook definiton of massive overachievers and even if they lose the next 2 they should be glad about their season and their great coach and I don’t think it is possible that gsw loses 4, but harden and Paul are really doing all they can
  13. Clifford the big magic coach

    What do you mean going across the country?
  14. Clifford the big magic coach

    What do you guys think about coaches that can now come from fiba?
  15. 2018 Watch the Playoffs thread

    West: does anyone really think warriors won’t win it all for this season and 2/3 to come if they avoid injury to their 4 key players? If they are not injured they should win all the time, every time. Too much Advantage with that roster east: what LeBron is doing is incredible. Essentially one man carrying his entire team to Ecf against a team that is the future of the league with the deepest roster and with one of the greatest gm coach duos. I see Boston gsw as the finals for next 2-3 seasons btw I dislike all the iso plays that teams use now. Really preferred when ball movement was the offense key, now it looks like individual conpetition inside a team game