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  1. alwaystragic

    OFFICIAL GAME THREAD - Magic vs Pacers - April 9, 2021

    we win by 40. chuma scores 30 and wcj a 20/20
  2. alwaystragic

    2020-2021 Official Magic Season Thread

    Maybe clifford realizes now that bamba is not that bad after all
  3. alwaystragic

    OFFICIAL GAME THREAD - Magic @ Pelicans - April 1st, 2021

    One thing that hasn't been talked about so much, is the turnover differential in the past 3 games since the trade + 2 against lakers + 6 against clippers +13 against pelicans this team is looking much more active in defense
  4. alwaystragic

    Chicago Bulls Draft Pick Watch

    From our opponents perspective, I think the nuggets were the smarter ones with the trade they added a young guy who is just what they needed, an athletic, slasher and decent defender as 3rd option on the attack after their 2 stars, jokic and murray the celtics trade is in the middle since they didnt give up much and had the trade exception, but fournier does not fit that team and the defensive mindset of their coach the bulls trade was the worst, since they added another non defender, in a position where there are plenty of big men available, who is older and gave up 2 first rounders in the process. They are still far far away from your contention, no way that team can even sniff the 2nd round / ecf with the likes of nets, bucks, heat and sixers around.
  5. alwaystragic

    Chicago Bulls Draft Pick Watch

    Oh ok. Misunderstood then. Bad agreement on our part, nonetheless
  6. alwaystragic

    OFFICIAL GAME THREAD - Magic @ Clippers - Mar. 30, 2021

    Okeke and Carter looked really good there. And I am with you guys on Bamba. I don't understand what's going on with Cliff, to just play him less than 20 minutes even when he is on a roll is absurd. On a fair note, Birch was the only one who started well last night, but after Mo caught fire on both ends, he shouldn't have replaced him.
  7. alwaystragic

    Chicago Bulls Draft Pick Watch

    But that is not the argument. The point is that it is a bad rule. If you want to make the league more equivalent, you cannot further reward a team who was extremely lucky to begin with. If this were to actually happen, bulls would get 2 top 4 picks + only give us 2 second rounders for our waiting job. It is a bad rule, and it should be changed fast.
  8. alwaystragic

    Chicago Bulls Draft Pick Watch

    Crazy rule. If they get lucky enough to get two top 4 picks in a row, then the law "rewards" them and only gives us 2 second round picks instead of a more fair solution, like say a top 1 or top 2 protected? This is absurd
  9. alwaystragic

    Current players stats

    So, after the trades, these are the players that left - Nikola Vucevic was 4th all time in games played (591), 9th in minutes (13,714), 1st (LEADER) in field goals made (4,490), 1st (LEADER) in field goals attempts (9,003), 7th in free throws attempts (1,389), 3rd in points made (10,423), 2nd in total rebounds (6,381), 8th in assists (1,668), 6th in steals (537), 3rd in blocks (550), 7th in turnovers (1,080), 3rd in personal fouls (1,475), and 6th in field goal percentage (49,9%). - Evan Fournier was 9th all time in games played (435), 4th in minutes (18,791), 8th in field goals made (2,530), 8th in field goals attempts (5,603), 3rd in 3pt field goals made (895), 3rd in 3pt field goals attempted (2,382), 9th in free throws made (1,094), 8th in free throws attempts (1,348), 8th in points made (7,049), 10th in assists (1,299), 10th in turnovers (784) and 8th in personal fouls (1,089) - Aaron Gordon was 10th all time in games played (428) and 10th in 3pt field goals attempted (1,495)
  10. alwaystragic

    Current players stats

    - Vucevic is #3 in points in franchise history - Fournier reaches top 10 in points made, FGM, FTM and assists in franchise history - Gordon is #6 in rebounds in franchise history
  11. alwaystragic

    Current players stats

    - Ross gets to 150 games - Isaac surpasses 1,000 points - Fournier has made over 1,000 field goals - Augustin reaches 500 free throws
  12. alwaystragic

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    we have 5 guys shooting career lows FG%, and that is even with our impressive offensive stretch of the last 6 games
  13. alwaystragic

    Current players stats

    - Vucevic is now 6th all time in franchise’s games played
  14. alwaystragic

    Current players stats

    Key numbers: - Augustin reaches 800 field goals made and surpasses 350 three pointers - Fultz gets to 50 field goals made and posts minutes (26) and points season highs (19). Aminu also posts minutes season high (32)
  15. alwaystragic

    Current players stats

    New milestones: - Augustin surpasses 500 rebounds - Clifford gets his 30th home victory